Post surgery – day 20

I returned to the office today.

I am very fortunate in the fact that I was able to work from home for the past two weeks. Rather than taking almost three weeks of sick time, I only had to take four days. I figured today, day 20, was a good day to head into the office. Partially because I was getting cabin fever, partially because I wanted to prove to myself I was able to, but mostly because I was feeling better.

Being patient and listening to my body has been very critical over the recovery process.

I’ve been having difficulty sleeping. Waking up every half hour or hour or so. Either the pain or discomfort usually wake me. Or perhaps my body is just tired of laying around so much! Regardless, I was super tired this morning.

Forgetting how long it takes me to get ready, in addition to moving at a snails pace, I was pleased when I made walked into the office at my normal time. I’m sure that will be a fleeting accomplishment.

Throughout the day, I carefully monitored the ice/gel packs (they don’t last very long so I had two in rotation) and kept my leg propped up on an overturned trash can. Telling, and retelling, my story today became tiresome but it was nice to know people care. I the hallways, I received several inappropriate comments. I think people were just trying to ask what was wrong but being called “gimp” and “crippled” (among other things) was just plain rude. All of these comments were from people I do not know; maybe I’ve seen them in the hall and explained pleasantries, but that was it. They should not be talking to me like that. Of course, I didn’t have the courage to tell them that….but I was disappointed.

After work, I headed straight to physical therapy. Many more accomplishments achieved there today! It is both the numbers geek and crossfit competitor in me that revels in the numbers.

Bike for 10 mins – 1.5 miles
Leg lift with min lag
Bending without assistance 118*
Bending with assistance 121*

Now as I’m laying in bed, on ice, I’m feeling the wear of the long day…and think I will catch some shut eye.


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