Post-Surgery: Day 18 and a Picture Recap

This is a very picture heavy post…. Recap day by day (almost)

Getting over the post-surgery two week hump, things have definitely started to improve!

Day 16 at PT, this time I remembered to take my pain meds on schedule, and I was able to achieve great things. For the warm up on the bike, I was able to immediately go into full rotation! So I biked, slowly, for 10 mins and covered 1.1miles. The month of pre-hab, between injury and surgery, I could easily do 2.5-3 miles in this 10 minutes….with no pain. I also got ‘cleared’ to start walking without my crutch as my body felt able… but I was cautioned to keep the crutch with me when going outside of the house. Additionally, my range of motion, bending improved significantly!

Day 1 – ROM 50something

Day 9 – ROM 98*

Day 14 – ROM 109*

Day 18 – ROM 115*

(Pre-Surgery – ROM 141*)

Most of my days have been spent working (from home) and not a lot of social interaction. So this morning, day 18, I decided to go with Gregg to our CrossFit box. Of course, I did not work out… I didn’t even sit on the rower. But being out of the house and socializing with people I have missed helped my spirits!

I plan to return to the office on Monday. I am very nervous about this and hope I don’t push myself too far.

Over all the bruising is going down, and so is the swelling. 

Surgery – Day 0 – No Pics.  My mom took a few of me in recovery, but I don’t think I will share those…

Worried TuckerSome Bleeding

Day 1: Worried Pups and some bleeding (told to leave wrapped until therapy on day 2)

IMG 4147IMG 4148

Day 2: Unwrapped and a little bruise on the back of knee (also first day of PT)

IMG 4149

Day 3: A little more swelling – (2nd day of PT. miserable)

IMG 4156IMG 4157

Day 4: swelling continues and stitches looking angry – pain in the front of knee cap

IMG 4166

Day 5: Bruising down to ankle (appears yellow)

IMG 4169

Day 6: Less yellow. Still very swollen. (mom goes home)

IMG 4171IMG 4173IMG 4181

Day 8: Not much difference, except bruise on back of kneeand thigh are getting darker

IMG 4191IMG 4192IMG 4194

Day 9 (4th of July): my knee looks like a walrus and bruising continues to grow

IMG 4197IMG 4196IMG 4201

Day 10: Time to get the stitches out

IMG 4204

Day 11: Working on reducing swelling

IMG 4209

Day 12: Swelling significantly reduced and bruising no longer “growing”

IMG 4218

Day 15: Swelling under control

IMG 4221

Day 16: Bruising almost gone on thigh

IMG 4226IMG 4227

Day 17: Looking good

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