Post – Surgery: Day 15

It has been two weeks since my surgery. I am getting better, day-by-day. It’s a slow process but as I look back over the pictures I see the physical changes. And as I move around the house I am less cumbersome and getting out to the car is just a little quicker.

Over the weekend (days 11 & 12) I increased the elevation levels. Always keeping my leg higher than parallel to the floor when laying or sitting. This helped reduce the swelling almost immediately.

I decided to continue to work from home for a few more days (potentially all of this week) in order to keep the extra high elevation and heal appropriately. And although I struggled with it… I know this was a very wise decision.

My physical therapy visits have now dropped to 2x per week. I will be going Monday and Thursday for the next three weeks. At my PT session on Monday (day 13) I was in a lot of pain. In an attempt to slowly wean off the pain meds I was taking them at 6 hr increments… I forgot to set the alarm and once I was at PT, I realized I was going on hour 8. I ended up pushing myself to tears. That was not smart on my part. I was too embarrassed to admit I couldn’t push it, so then I pushed it and was embarrassed when I cried. We did take my flexing/bending measurement, just to see how much it improved. And from day 8 to day 13 I went from 98* to 109*. I may have gone further had I not pushed myself too far. So, I am perfectly in the range that the doctor wants to, or “typically” sees.

I’ve been getting too caught up in my work days and not taking exercise breaks.  (Well, I did on Monday… but yesterday I failed miserably at it). So today will be another, better day!


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