Repair & Reconstruct

Two days ago, I went back into the orthopedic outpatient center and had surgery on my left knee.(last year it was my right knee).

The injury occurred on may 15, but doc wanted my knee to heal up and reduce sweeping before operating. Knowing nearly a month in advance was slightly tortuous. There was a lot if “hurry up and wait”… Because I knew it would not get fully better on its own. I was grateful for the one month notice in that it allowed my mom to buy plane tickets to be here with me.

So, surgery day (Tuesday June 25) I had to get to outpatient OR by 715am. Gregg was working so my mom took me and she stayed the entire six hours! Pre-surgery I asked doc about my meniscus… Because up until that point he had really focused on my acl. He told me he reviewed my case on Monday and felt there was only a 30% chance that he would be able to stitch it back together. He told me he wanted to treat it aggressively (my age & activity level) but he was worried if it was too aggressive, didn’t work, then I’d be back on the operating table.

Knowing all this right before they wheeled me off made me pretty sad. I was not mentally prepared to lose my meniscus.

Coming out of surgery, they called my mom into the consult room. They showed her some before/after pictures from inside my knee. Then they delivered some great news…they were able to stitch the meniscus back together! And my ACL reconstruction from the patella ligament appeared to have gone smoothly too.

Coming ‘to’ always feels like it takes me a long time. Good news is, this time I got a motion sickness patch behind my ear….so nausea stayed away.

Once I got home, I had two of the best caretakers. I don’t believe there is anyone on this planet that loves me more than they do!

I’ve been sleeping and laying a lot, keeping constant stream of ice water in my pack. The pain has been intensifying as all the anesthesia wears off…but only a few tears were shed last night.

Today it’s time for me to start physical therapy. I know this will probably hurt a great deal, but I trust my pt and know this is critical time in the healing process. So I will do whatever it takes.


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