what a week!

This past week has been a very busy one indeed!

Monday – I saw my orthopedic surgeon. He showed me the MRI, in which my meniscus is clearly torn and my ACL is just blown to bits. We talked about the surgery (I’m going with the patellar tendon graft). Surgery is set for June 25th. And in the mean time, I just need to focus on getting my strength and range of motion back in the knee.  I have no idea if I will have screws in my graft… in fact, I probably shouldn’t even be googling this surgery! Though, the doc did say the incision would be laparoscopic, so I won’t have those huge scars that come up in google images…. thank goodness!

07aknee acl 

Tuesday – Gregg and I went to the Cardinals game. We had a great time, for a school night 🙂 Usually we don’t leave the game before it’s over. But we left around 10pm. Good thing because the game went into extra innings. The Red Birds lost in the 14th just a little after midnight!

IMG 4071

Wednesday – I started feeling cruddy. Allergies or Cold. Unsure at this point. But that wasn’t going to stop me from getting my dreadful roots colored. IMG 4066

Thursday – PT time! I’ve been very diligent and doing my “homework” but my knee was still pretty agitated after the Tuesday. I think the FitBit said I walked over 6,000 steps that day.  Much too much. My knee was swollen and angry. Though, as I pushed through the training I know…this pain ain’t got nothin’ on what I’ll be feeling in a few weeks!

Friday – Still feeling sickly (it’s definitely a summer cold) and so I decided to work from home. I had hoped to make it out to 314 …but opted not to considering how poorly I felt. The hubby and I picked up some gyros and watched old episodes of Community.  Nothing flashy but always feels good to snuggle with the man I love.

Saturday – Today I slept in. And wrestled with the idea of going to CrossFit. I dilly-dallied around and made it to the 10am class. We were doing a Partner WOD. “Cindy”. 20 minutes as many rounds as possible. 5 pull ups – 10 push ups – 15 squats. While your partner works you hold a 25# plate in the air. I subbed sit ups for squats. My partner, Sarah, and I were able to get through 13+5 rounds. It was a good workout. I did several rounds of pull ups unassisted!! And I got the “virtuosity” award for my push up form. (I hate push ups…but at least i know I’m doing them right!)

IMG 4070

I’ve also done some meal prep today. Lots of cooking in the kitchen. Always makes for an easier week!IMG 4086



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