Today’s Joys

Today has been a great day.

With the hubby heading back to the firehouse, I’m trying to adjust to having more “me” time.

I started the day by sleeping in until almost 9am. We went out for sushi & drinks after crossfit last night. Three of the four people at dinner had to work today. This lucky girl could sleep as much as she wanted.

When I got up, there was no food in the house so I made a shake and snuggled with the pups catching up on some TV.

1) FedEX man delivered my new Lululemon gear! Forgive the tags and bra straps. I was too excited to wait!

IMG 4045

2) BreadCo Chicken Strawberry Salad!! That’s all I need to say 🙂

IMG 4047

3) Gift Card shopping Time!!! I only walked out with one new maxi dress. That means many more shopping sprees to come!


IMG 4046

4) More AeroGarden harvest. Homegrown salad greens for dinner. 

IMG 4048





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