Today was my first day of pre-hab (pre-surgerical rehabilitation). 

Embarrassingly enough, this is the 3rd “case” I’ve had with the same therapist in 12 months. (Knee, Ankle, Knee). While it’s a big time commitment and can sometimes feel as if I don’t need them (I can stretch my knee, right?!)… I know that my PT is great and helps me get back to my old self. 

I definitely had the realization today as they were taking my measurements (documenting how far I could straighten & bend)…. and my right knee was the “good” knee and there were absolutely no issues with it.  It was only a year ago that I was grunting and groaning and in great pain in that leg. It felt like it took forever to rehab but now I see that it didnt’.

The perception of time is a funny thing.


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