Modified Murph

Well…. It’s been a month since my last blog post. I really don’t know how time goes by that quickly. It makes me a little sad…b/c without writing these busy days down they tend to fly by. And I have a tendency to forget all the things that are keeping me so busy in the first place. 

other than work. Work always keeps me busy.

But I’d rather not think about that!

So, I do have some news… I found out I have a tear in my ACL and my meniscus in my left knee. (Recall, the meniscus surgery last year… that was my right knee.)

Turns out I did the damage about a week and a half ago. During a CrossFit workout we were doing long jumps. It was silly really. I thought rather goofy and harmless. Turns out, it was the exact opposite!

I’ve never attempted any sort of long jump before. The standing long jump, first attempt, was pretty pathetic (60-something inches). My second jump was much better, right around 70″. Up next, it was running long jump. Just as before, the first jump was not very good. And I didn’t “stick” it. So I tried again. Run, Jump, land on left leg. Feeling my knee buckle, I heard a “POP” and I was on the ground. 

My classmates thought I simply fell and they laughed a little. 

I knew, right at that moment, that something was not right. 

Eventually, someone wrapped it in a compression wrap so I could walk over to the chairs and out of the way. 

For days, I had this gut feeling that something was wrong. The swelling wasn’t intense, but it was noticeable. The whole knee just felt wobbly and weak. Although I was in denial, I finally made an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. After the examination he told me he was “very concerned” and suspected I’d torn my ACL. His diagnosis was confirmed later in the week via MRI.

Today is Sunday. I received the news late Friday afternoon.

I’ve gone through all the stages of injury… Denial, Anger, Embarrassment, and now I believe I’m in Acceptance. There’s nothing I can do to fix this…other than move on. I can’t replay that jump in my head any more..that doesn’t fix it.

It’s tradition in the CrossFit community to do one of the most gruesome hero WODs on Memorial Day. Our box was holding two sessions… 


1mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1 mile run


There’s no time limit…. you just have to finish. I’ve heard the “average” person takes about 57 minutes. Our coaches can do it in the mid-30 minutes.


I demonstrated to myself (and a few members at 314) that modification is always possible. After taking a week and a half off, and with a Torn ACL and Mensicus, I completed a modified version of Murph in 60mins.


Side Planks (9 mins)

100 ring rows

200 push ups

150 seated wall balls/150 wall ball sit ups

Planks (9 mins)


I broke it up in to 20 rounds…. which of course makes the whole thing more bearable. But it was still a wicked workout. It felt good to get my sweat on. And now I know…that over the next 3, 6, 9 months!! Whatever it takes!! I will not mope on the couch and feel sorry for myself. I will continue to eat well and work out. And that, in turn, will help my body heal faster.


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