Taking it easy

My shoulders have been causing me some trouble lately, the pain was morphing from sore pain to injury pain. As my range of motion got worse and worse, I decided to take some time off and rest my muscles.

Last week I spent and entire week away from the box. It was so hard.

Saturday I returned. And of course, the WOD was finding 1RM snatch and 1RM c&j. I decided to go and use that hour to focus on form. I did not lift heavy. It was good practice for me and my shoulders felt pretty good.

I filmed myself rolling through the movements so I could slow them down and disect them. The lifts look decent (good, considering the light weight) but boy do I still make some funny faces!

squat snatch @50 lbs
Clean & jerk @60 lbs

Yesterday and today I continued to take it easy on the shoulders and lift light. I told myself I will do this all week… Lifting light is better than not being there at all!

Here’s a more technical break down of the movements



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