Good days and not so good days

There are some days that I can feel I’m firing on all cylinders. Those days that I do not get mentally distracted by the mundane things, those days that I feel I’m checking things off the todo list faster than they are coming on, and those days where I am one step ahead of my boss/coworkers/customers.

Today was a ‘good’ day in the office.

Today was a ‘not so good’ day in the gym and the kitchen.

Just last night I set a new PR (personal record) with 24 double unders. Today, I couldn’t get one. Yesterday, G and I committed to doing the whole30 together. Tonight we agreed to eat Paelo.


I do think that while the whole30 was a great experience that Gregg and I will have much more success (at this time) eating paleo. Now everyone has a different definition and level of “strictness”. We will be following the guidelines in the book Practical Paleo. Of all the paleo books I’ve read (including recipe books) this is by far the easiest and tastiest!

Check out their website too!

For me, this is all about feeling good. Feeling healthy. Feeling strong. Feeling like all cylinders are firing!

Tell me… What makes you feel good?



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