Whole30 eve

Tonight is the eve of my next whole30 experiment/journey. Gregg and I have decided to embark on the whole30 train again. It’s only been a few months but he’s ready to give it another shot…and I simply want to feel better than I have been.

I don’t feel as mentally prepared this time around, and we certainly didn’t do hours of Sunday meal prep (we just went grocery shopping tonight, on a Monday, after being at 314). I just hope the knowledge of past experiences help get me over this initial hump.

Tonight at 314 we had an awesome workout…
5 rounds: 400m run, 10 back squat. I used 75lbs for my squat and finished in 17:30. I think I should have either gone heavier or faster, but overall not too shabby.
My leg muscles have a difficult time adapting from the heavy weight to the run. They felt very similar to the sensation I had at the throwdown (where I fell down after the sled push). While I think it’s my circulation….G thinks it could just be muscle conditioning. They are not used to that quick switch. Tonight I found that if I just walked/waited about 15-30 seconds before I started running that helped keep my legs underneath me (and fully functioning!) no falling for me tonight!

Oh….and another huge accomplishment… I strung 24 DUs together! I’m super stoked about that number.

Time for me to read, journal, and hit the hay.



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