chocolate easter bunnies

Happy Easter Everyone. We’re hanging low in the house today, missed out on family celebrations. 😦 But Gregg has been very sick and laying low is what he needs.


I’ve missed blogging… I’ve just been busy most nights. I’ve started setting aside time to read and journal. After that I usually hit the hay. I think of blogging at weird times during the day and of course, now that i have the time and I’m sitting in front of my laptop I don’t have any topics.

I’ve been participating in the CrossFit Open this year. The workouts have been hard but I’ve really enjoyed it. Next week will be the 5th of 5 WODs for the Open. I’ll do a recap at that time.

Next week, I’m also signed up to run a 5k. I haven’t been running, at all, since starting crossfit. I know I need to have a more balanced approach to fitness. So I will run this.

A week ago we had almost a foot of snow here in STL..

IMG 3899

{tucker with his “safety beacon”… aka: sweet potato bag he pulled out of recycling}

Today, it was almost 70 degrees and the dogs have now been shaved for the summer! The groomers totally did a number on Bella’s tail. She now looks like Pumba from Lion King!

IMG 3908




PSA – Keep all those chocolate bunnies (and the real ones too!!)  away from those pups!




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