Practice, Practice, Practice

As I mentioned before, I was at a retreat (of sorts) this past week. It was a class on developing my leadership abilities. My company puts great value in developing it’s leaders, and as such they flew in 36 of us from around the company to have quiet reflective time and develop our own leadership skills. 

It was a fantastic week. I met so many interesting people and learned so many valuable (life) lessons. 

They asked all participants to stay on the campus… it was like an all inclusive resort. At first, I had a negative attitude about it. But being there, I quickly saw the value.

I’m still gathering all my thoughts, actions, and “ah-ha” moments from the week. I would like to share them with you soon. Because not only are the lessons I learned useful in a business environment… I think they are applicable in every day situations (home, gym, church, etc)

While at the conference, I had no access to my crossfit box. They did have a very nice “hotel-like” gym. I never thought I’d say this, but I really missed my barbell.... Every day I took my jump rope in there and worked on Double Unders in addition to having a great cardio workout.

I got to “play” on Jacob’s Ladder. That thing SMOKED me pretty quick.  I climbed approx 13 stories in 20 minutes.

JacobsLadderSiloIMG 3862

They had really nice rowers… with the water you couldn’t change the resistance, but it provided a super smooth stroke.

WaterRower Rowing Simulator

Day 2 of working on Double Unders I got 17 (prior max was 8!). Day 3 I got a whopping 25!!! My goal is to get to 50 by the end of the month. There’s definitely something to say for practice, practice, practice!!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Crossfit Games. The workout 13.2 was sort of an old school crossfit triplet. 

10 minute “As Many Reps As Possible” (AMRAP). (Weights for Women noted below)

5 Shoulder to Overhead (75lbs)

10 Deadlifts (75lbs)

15 Box Jumps (20″)

I was hoping for 6-8 rounds. I ended up with 6+28 (which means I was 2 box jumps shy of 7 full rounds)… or 208 reps

I’m really happy with my score. Of course, I’d like to have had more…but I feel like I made it in the range of my goal.


Today at the gym I took it easy. Worked on my snatch (68 lbs was a struggle today due to shoulders being fatigued). The snatch is such a complicated movement, but I’m excited to be working at it and getting stronger. 

Just as I was getting ready to crab about the week ahead, I found this…. 

Monday perspective

I have a goal to be more positive and project a better perspective on things. And this simple little picture surely helps me do that!


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