My First CrossFit Competition

Saturday, March 2nd was the South Side Throw Down!! Three of the crossfit affiliates in the area all gathered at my box… each gym brought a handful of teams. About a month ago when I signed up for the competition, I honestly had no idea what to expect. And even the night before I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d gotten myself into.

There were three WODS (workouts) that day. Most teams consisted of five to six athletes. That meant that most athletes would participate in two WODs. 

The workouts were posted a few days in advance. Some of the teams probably had strategy to maximize their strengths or hide their weaknesses. My team was full of “fairly” new people so we all just wanted to have fun! Oh, and by the way, my team was three boys and two girls. That means both of us girls had to compete in EVERY single WOD.

So let’s break it down…

That morning Gregg and I made sure to have a good breakfast. We arrived at the gym around 12:30… and signed in. At the registration table, my coach Neil said “Kristin, we’ve been talking about you….” The three coaches at 314 had been debating whether I belonged in the Beginner or Intermediate category. Remember a few posts back when I said Neil would consider putting me in Intermediate …and I was stoked?! Well, reality started setting in and I was so nervous. I told him I was worried about not being able to compete in that category (there were scales for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). My biggest worry was not being able to get pull ups (sans band). 

Neil left it up to me to decide but encouraged me to challenge myself. So, I said “Let’s do this” and signed up as an Intermediate!! I’ve been doing this stuff for three months and I was placed in a category with others who have been doing it for years!

Workout #1 will be a team sled push relay and max weight turkish getup.

On paper I was not worried about this one. In reality, it was my LEAST favorite one! It was so cold outside and I didn’t have appropriate attire. Running the first lap with Tina pushing 45lbs on the sled I was a little surprised how slow it went. I raced ahead to get my weight ready. Pushing 90lbs on the sled out was bad, but not terrible. Turning around I lost so much strength. Half way back I slowed to a fast walk. I was frustrated. I was pushing and apologizing to my team the whole way. They were great and just kept encouraging me. As my third teammate, Ryan, loaded up the sled the team went running off. I tried to run and my legs just wouldn’t move. They were jelly. And then… I fell. Some people say I tripped on something. I know I didn’t. I know that my legs just refused to work. I was worried about my ankle and I was humiliated. But I got up and slowly jogged to catch up with my team. We were the last of three teams to finish in our heat. Gregg came up to check on me, and my ankle. Again, I was mortified. I didn’t treat him with the respect for his patience that he deserved…he was only looking out for me.

The second part of WOD #1 was much more enjoyable. I like Turkish Get Ups. A lot. I thought I’d be able to do more than the 35lbs that I did…but after the sled push my body was pretty maxed out.

IMG 3825

Between WOD 1 and WOD 2 I realized it was 2:00 in the afternoon and I hadn’t eaten lunch. I scarfed down a Larabar while watching other athletes.

Workout #2 will be a max weight clean and jerk (complex).

Finding my 3RM (three rep max) Power Clean and Jerk was empowering. I tried not to keep track of the weight I was lifting, because sometimes the numbers get in my head forming a very large mental roadblock. I successfully lifted 95lbs three times. There were many attempts (I’d get two and fail) so a part of me wonders if I would have rested more adequately between attempts if I could have lifted more.

IMG 3800IMG 3801IMG 3802IMG 3807

check out the video here:


Workout #3 will be an 18 minute AMRAP.

This was just like a regular workout at CrossFit314. Six stations, three minutes at each station with a partner. I kicked ass on the rope climbs. Looking back now, I wish I would have offered to do more of them to help Tina out…because I certainly relied on her in other stations. Especially the second one, box jumps. I’ve only done box jumps three or four times now. And my inability to confidently jump down (bc of my ankle) really hinders my form and efficiency. Shuttle runs felt good…though running just feet in front of the spectators was a little overwhelming (if I thought about it). But really, most of the time I just ignored the crowd. On to the pull ups (no band!) I warned Tina I would need her help. I would eek out 2 or 3 and then drop down. I was able to do that several times though! Which means, I need to start doing more without a band! The last two stations were Thrusters and Burpees. ‘Nough said. Basically, they were the nail in a very tired coffin.

IMG 3826

In the end, my team tied for 5 out of 11. I’m very proud of everyone. I know that I surprised myself with my confidence (and competitiveness) and I’m already looking forward to next year’s competition!

IMG 3816

Here’s a video that one of the owners/trainers at 314 made. Enjoy!

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