Don’t Compare Your Beginning…

I found a very motivational picture/saying… so I wanted to share it with you. 

IMG 3789

Good, yeah?


This speaks to me on so many levels. 

First, and probably the most obvious, just stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You are you. You must love yourself. But you must also hold yourself to high standards, just as you would expect from others.

I’ve been guilty of comparing myself to the skinny girl in the bar, the stylish girl in the office, the strong girl in the gym… I’ve compared myself to anyone and everyone at some point. Sometimes I would fool myself, saying that in doing so I was just raising the bar and setting goals. That’s bullshit.

Comparing myself to anyone only degrades me. I will point out my flaws and feel less accomplished and less proud.

And what about the rare time I compare myself to the slightly chubbier or less intelligent woman?? That’s just as bad!   This world is tough enough, we don’t need to make it any harder on each other. I don’t know what that other woman is going through and just like me, she doesn’t wear a shirt that lists all her amazingly-awesome talents.

I have skills shirt

The second message here is a little more subtle…but the word “middle” strikes a chord with me. 

I think it says “middle” because no matter how far we come and how much we accomplish we should never be content. Our journey is ongoing. We can always be stronger, smarter, faster, funnier.

IMG 3702 

Now….Remind me of all these things after I compete in my first CrossFit Competition on Saturday!!


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