Workout Weekend

This weekend has flown by. Luckily, I didn’t have to work at all but I’m not sure what else I’ve done with my time other than work out! 🙂

IMG 3768 

Friday night’s workout was one of those WODs that you don’t feel like you’re going to pass out from the high intensity but rather you push until you literally can’t do anything anymore. 

“Lynne” – 5 Rounds max reps possible (no time limit) – Bench Press, Pull Ups

Using 85lbs bar I did a total of 60 bench presses and 92 pull ups!! It was a long workout, about 1.5hours. During the last round of pull-ups I wanted Gregg to record my pull-ups. Unfortunately, it was on camera not video. The class was pretty full, 8 of us, with only two benches. 5 girls and 3 boys so I got split to the boys’ side. Pre-CrossFit Kristin would have been mortified, embarrassed, nervous, etc, etc. But instead… I enjoyed it! I saw the girls at the other bar all sort of settling on the same weight. I think had I been with them I would have not felt the need to push the weight up.

Considering we were in class until almost 8pm… we decided to wait until the 10am class on Saturday.

An hour makes a difference when you have a Hero WOD ahead of you. Saturday’s WOD “Ralph” was a doozey! 

Screen Shot 2013 02 24 at 9 22 06 PM

It was my first time running since my awful Ankle Sprain on Christmas Eve. Doing shuttle runs I was a little nervous about twisting it again… and my endurance was crap. But I finished in 23:22 (ahead of one of the guys!)


The rest of the weekend was a little bit of housework, laundry, etc. Saturday night date night out to Seamus McDaniel’s for some of the best cheeseburgers in the city! Yum.

Sunday brought another day at the gym. It’s open gym on Sundays, which means you get to do whatever you what. My upper body was pretty sore from Friday & Saturday so I decided to work on a foundational movement.

I wanted to PR my back squat. And I totally did.

Doing a 5-3-1+ strength/skill work I started at 83lbs and worked my way up to 133 lbs! A “good” standard would be 150% of my bodyweight… so I only have 60 lbs or so to go! By year end, I’d like to be at body weight. 

I did a bit of rowing and then a little cardio WOD. I got the pull up video too. It’s good to record your movements occasionally so that you can work on form. It’s nothing fancy so I won’t upload it. But it was good for my own analysis. I plan to do a little research and find an app that will help fine tune the analysis.


Now, it’s time to snuggle with my pups and my boy while we watch our newly installed AppleTV.


PS – The Denver airport had inspirational quotes etched on windows throughout the terminals. Here is one of my faves, from Dr. Seuss “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”:

IMG 3753


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