Box Jumper

It is a good thing that I don’t try to blog for a living, because I just can’t seem to stick with it!

Of course, if I did blog for a living then I wouldn’t be working 50+ hours every week with 10+ hours of commuting time. Hmmm… I may be on to something! 

Over the past several days, since I’ve returned home from Texas, there have been some significant ups and downs in terms of my health and diet. Since I’m not one to dwell in the past, I will only highlight a few things.

#1 – Last Friday I left work so late that I missed my normal class at  CrossFit314. The whole drive home I was bumming. I’d been out of the box for nearly two weeks! So when Gregg called and suggested we go to a 6:30 class at a box right by our house, I was stoked. Okay, honestly, I was a little nervous with those new butterfly feelings again…but I wanted to WOD so hard!  That night, I tackled my first WOD with real box jumps (no scaling for me). It was intimidating to do Burpee Box Jumps onto a 20″ box, no doubt. And we’ll all just forget about the time that I psyched myself out mid-jump and just slapped the box with my hands. I could definitely tell I was getting over a cold and hadn’t pushed my body in several days, but whew it felt good!

#2 – Going to CFSC made me realized how spoiled I am at CrossFit314! Starting at a big, nice box may have set some unrealistically high expectations.

#3 – Saturday, I completed a scaled version of the Filthy Fifty — named Dirty Thirty. It was still brutal though I look forward to doing the full thing in the near future! {Also, this WOD had even more box jumps!!}

#4 – I’ve missed more days than I’ve gone this week. And that makes me sad. Seems like every night something (blues game, happy hour, laziness, or snow storm!) crops up and deters me. I’m not making excuses… If it’s important to me, I will find a way.

#5 – Tonight, Friday night Date Night, and the hubs and I have a date at the Bar with a girl named “Lynne” 😉  Wish me Luck!



Screen Shot 2013 02 22 at 5 01 23 PM


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