Time in Texas pt 2

Lets see…. Where did I leave off last?

Monday consisted of a lot of time in the car. But before that I was able to squeeze in a 2.5 mile walk. I figured it was not going to be a good idea to try to check out the local Crossfit box while suffering head and chest cold. But I was trying to make good in my goal… Do I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Although I absolutely love being with my family, it was nice to have a little bit of me time. I plugged in my headphones and just walked. That afternoon took a drive to a town allied Fredricksburg. We thought it was much closer…. And we hadn’t planned for all the shops to be closed on a Monday, but it was still a good time. To truly enjoy the town I think you’d want to stay in a local B&B. Monday night we had dinner with my moms sister and a few others. Mexican food again. We’ve basically been living on Tex-Med and BBQ.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was another busy day. We got out the door “early” for 9am pedicure appointment. It was an expensive one, but felt so good. Plus my mom and I must keep the tradition alive! Every time we see each other we carve out one hour for foot indulgence. Later we had brunch/lunch with my grandma. The afternoon was filled with shopping at a local outlet mall and then dinner with my sisters.

To get around, I drove my aunt’s “Big Red Truck”! It’s a ford f-150 double cab ” Texas edition”. I was pretty intimidated at first but quickly got the hang of it! We were going to take a picture, but forgot.

Dinner with my sisters was great fun. They are perfect yin and yang. We laughed over dinner and giggled more while eating frozen yogurt. It was my second fro-yo of the day, but that barely slowed me down!

Today is travel day. We were supposed to get up early so I set my alarm for 7am. I was up, showered, and packed by 8am. I laugh though… Because 8am tomorrow I will be up to my ears in work. Breakfast this morning was delicious carne guisada tacos… It was yummy not not a vegetable to be found.

I would have had time today but I didn’t know that this morning. I only worked out twice while on my trip… Getting back ‘to it’ will be even tougher now.I’m feeling very bloated and unhealthy after this trip. Between the traveling, non-stop eating, being sick, and not working out I just feel yucky.

All in all it was a wonderful time though and pictures will be forth coming.


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