I’m writing this post from several thousand feet in the air… Somewhere in the Midwest between Colorado and Texas. I’m on my way to my home town to visit family.

My great grandma is turning 93 years old and the family usually plans a little reunion around her day. Last year was the first time I was able to go and I enjoyed myself so much, I’m really looking forward to this years’ trip.

During my travels I plan to do a lot of reading. Currently, I’ve started Paleo for Athletes. I plan to visit a Crossfit affiliate in the small town I’m staying at. And lastly, I’ve set a goal for myself to work out 4 of the 6 days.

Still being unable to run, this may be a little tricky but I have a jump rope so Ill be able to figure something out!

Lastly, I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to sign up for the Crossfit Games. I know that I will have to scale many of the WODS but I’m curious to see how I fair. I also think it would be a great milestone to measure myself to next year!

My box, Crossfit 314, along with several other south city boxes are having a throwdown on march 2. I wanted to sign up but was very hesitant given my newbie status. By the time march 2nd roles around, I will only have three months under my belt. So I emailed one of the coaches and asked his opinion… Of course he didn’t let me out of it. “Don’t be foolish.” He said, ” in fact, I might put you in the intermediate category.” whoa! What the What?!

Of course this made me feel more confident as I signed my name…

And that will certainly weigh on my mind now as I spend my first week away from the box.

Crossfit withdrawals?! Yup.



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