Thirty days later

So if you are a dedicated reader of the blog, you know that I took a 30 day challenge through the holidays to eat only whole, unprocessed food. I had great success in those short thirty days. It probably helped that I was also starting Crossfit (thus significantly increasing my cardio & weight lifting)…

It’s been thirty days since I decided to introduce processed food, including sugar grains legumes and alcohol.

Although I maintained many of the tenants and habits formed during the whole 30, I probably averaged one meal a day that contained non-compliant food. Additionally I kept going to Crossfit.

The plan was (is) to only measure and weigh myself at the beginning of each month. I feel that that gives me enough time to see changes but also would help me correct course if needed.

All that being said, I weighed, measured, and took pictures yesterday. My waist is a little bigger (deep dish cheese pizza will do that!), but my hips and thighs continue to lose inches! I’ve gained two pounds (of the 10 lost).




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