Goals are Made to be Made!

Over the last several days *ahem* weeks… I have been lacking good blogging topics. But yesterday was totally blog worthy.

Yesterday I kicked some serious goal-booty. During open gym at Crossfit314 we get to go in and “play” essentially. It’s two hours in the gym. Do with it what you want.

Since I’m still new at Crossfit I struggle to design a WOD for myself or figure out what I’m going to do. Last Sunday I worked on a bunch of core work. Yesterday I decided to work on some goals.

Some of these were mini-goals. Some of them were goals for 2013.

Let’s start with ROPE CLIMB >>> My goal here is to be more efficient and speedy. This will come in handy during “for time” work outs. I took a couple test climbs, and determined I could consistently climb to the 15′ mark in four pulls. {our trainer who’s super tall and super speedy can do it in one}.  

Using the S-wrap yesterday I was able to get it down to three pulls. But I was still pretty slow and cumbersome.  Then, aforementioned trainer, showed me the J-wrap. That ish is the way to go! I practiced a bit with the form, then headed on up the rope. 2.5 pulls and much, much faster! 

Next I worked on my DOUBLE UNDERS. >>>> In the three months that I’ve been doing Crossfit I have gotten one, maybe two double unders before… and this was all by chance. Usually during the warm-up I make a few attempts, whip myself real good, and then just do singles. Earlier in the week I got One for real double under. Saturday I got three! Sunday I got FOUR! It still takes a lot of skill and coordination….but progress!!

Third on my list… HANDSTANDS >>> I am able to climb up into a wall climb but I have a fear of kicking up into them. It’s silly but it’s true. I pulled the mat over to the wall, an attempt at easing the mind. I’ve had all three trainers show me their tips and tricks. I’ve thought about it. I’ve over analyzed it. Finally, I just decided to do it. Taking a small approach (similar to a cartwheel) I just kicked up into it! To confirm it wasn’t a flook I did it 5 more times. Each time holding a little longer and trying to pull my feet away from the wall. As I put the mat away, I came back to my spot and kicked up into a handstand sans mat. Excellent. Got over that fear.

Lastly,…. PULL UPS>>>> Earlier in the week, I was encouraged by a fellow classmate to try an unassisted kipping pull up. Friend & Trainer both said I cleared the bar. I didn’t think so.  On Sunday I spent quite a bit of time warming up. With bands. And practicing some explosive hip movements. Then I attempted a pull up. Each time I would get two… one strong one, one not so strong one. I did this 5 or 6 times but wasn’t convinced I had it. So Gregg came over to NO REP me if needed. I CLEARED THE BAR! BOTH TIMES!! So now that I can do one, no TWO, unassisted kipping pull up… I just have to get ten! 😉


I am amazed at my progress over the past few months. I continue to do things I never thought I could do. And I love it. 

The Body is an amazing thing!!


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