A-to-Z survey

many of my friends, and some of my family, are now doing whole30. some are just starting, while others are a week in. i get so much joy talking to them about their experiences. how they are feeling. what they can expect. sharing recipes. i love everything about it.


since i don’t have a workout to talk about (rest day), i’m not going to show you my victoria secret purchases (my body shrinks everywhere!), and i’m no longer on the whole30… how about a little survey! this list floated around the blog-o-sphere last year, i’m just fashionably late to the party! 

so here it is… an “A to Z” survey, using each letter of the alphabet to highlight simple things that bring me joy.

A – apple. yes, i love the fruit, but i’m actually talking about all my apple products (iPod, iPad, iPhone, MacBook… now i just need to get that AppleTv and i’ll be set!)

B – bella! she’s our little rescue pup. she teaches me how to love unconditionally and play (and eat) with all my heart.

IMG 3565

C – crossfit. this is the biggest ‘i told you so’ that my husband will ever be able to hold over me. he’s been doing crossfit for seven years now, trying to convince me to join. i only wish i would have acted sooner!

D – dressing up. yes, i realize i sound like a little girl when i say that… but playing dress up is fun!

IMG 1920

E – eating clean. experiencing the healthy burst of energy and all good things that come with it.

F – family. all of my family lives far away, but thanks to the marvels of the internet and cheap phone calls we can stay in touch.

IMG 2220

G – gregg. of course! he’s my best friend. my everything.

IMG 0280a

H – highlights. getting my hair done is my selfish indulgence that i never feel bad about. lisa has been doing my hair for almost a decade. and every time she colors my hair i love it more than the last time

I – in-laws. not many people would use this for “i” but i am one of the luckiest girls when it comes to their in-laws. like i said, with my family being hundreds of miles away, i know that i am truly embraced into the in-law family. (in fact, i almost didn’t even then of them as in-laws for this survey!)

J – jokes. gregg and i crack a lot of jokes. some are inside jokes. some are dirty. some are just movie quotes. but every day we laugh.

K – knives that are sharp! as i’ve been cooking more, i appreciate and understand the value of a great kitchen utensil.

L – long trips with my husband. so far, in our 6 years of marriage we’ve taken a week long trip together every year. sometimes that includes friends or family. but the time we have together is irreplaceable.

IMG 1750


M – music. i listen to music every single day. whether it’s to energize, relax, or distract. all kinds of music.

IMG 0833

N – npr. listening to nor every morning gets me the daily dose of news and social stories that i need… i almost liken it to taking my vitamins. when i don’t eat all the nutrients i need (or read the headlines) i can take my supplements (listen to npr in the shower & commute)

O – opi gel nail polish.  i love love love how long the polish lasts (usually two weeks!) 

IMG 3508

P – passion. one of my three tattoos is “passion”. we must do what we love, and love what we do.

Q – q-tips. i can not stand taking a shower and not cleaning/drying out my ears. bathroom essential!

R – running. when i was younger (middle school, high school, and even college-aged) i hated running. with a passion. over the last year, something in our relationship has changed, and now… it’s one of my favorite hobbies.


S – socks with toes for running! my life was changes when i learned about smartwool toe socks. blisters be gone!

T – tucker! we’ve had tucker almost as long as gregg and i have been together. i will probably name my first born son after him, i love him that much.

IMG 2234

U – undressing… ha!… coming home after a long day’s work, peeling off my work clothes, and getting into something comfy.

V – vikki (momma!) i’d be nothing without her. 

IMG 2217


W – weddings. i’m a romantic. i cry at every wedding ceremony and it helps me remember my wonderful wedding day!


X – X-rays (?) my choices are pretty limited here…but with my history of foot, knee, and ankle issues. i’m grateful to modern science!

Y – yogurt, greek. i haven’t had greek yogurt while on the whole30 but i plan to re-introduce tomorrow. wish me luck that my tummy loves it as much as i do!

Z – zebra print. there was a time in college when i had everything animal print. i’ve since ‘grown out of it’ a little… but animal print still brings me joy. and something about the black/white contrast of the zebra print makes it my favorite.


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