crossfit happy hour and gyros

happy friday!! what a great short week. it only feels like wednesday… usually it’s the other way around.

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 it’s the first weekend of the new year, how are you celebrating?

tonight gregg and i went to 5pm crossfit class. yes, that was our happy hour equivalent. i looked up the wod before signing up for class…several times in fact… i was a bit intimidated by it. but i remembered, i’m not going to get any better at things i don’t do! 

of course, it probably goes without saying, but i was so happy i went.

i’m learning so much as crossfit. but two most important things:

1) i can’t count, nor do math

2) i have no sense of time (one minute can feel like an eternity)


{see what i did there, that should have been three things!}

after class gregg and i decided to have gyros for dinner. i’ve been having some anxiety about adding anything back into my diet. i almost feel guilty, nervous, or even scared. i know that’s not healthy to be fearful of eating, so i tell myself i’ll only eat it if it tastes good. and if it makes me feel bad i’ll stop.


i had one french fry and no more. it didn’t taste good. i didn’t try the pita bread. so that left the chicken, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion. 

i know the chicken is very processed (considering this is what it looks lie)

Images 2

and the sauce….. well, i have no idea what’s in it. 

overall the food tasted pretty good. not as good as i once remembered though. and while i’m not in pain (like i was after frozen custard) i do not feel great. some of it could be my mind games. or perhaps its the food. we’ll see how i feel tomorrow.

IMG 3533 

i probably also need to re-read the reintroduction chapter of it starts with food because i know i’m not doing it right.



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