2012 Year In Review

happy new year!! like many people, i’m looking forward to the new year – the promise of a fresh calendar, new goals, new aspirations, and new experiences. the promise of a ‘new and improved’ kristin seems to call me every year.

why is it that we wait for a new year, new month, new week, or even a new day to start in order to reset ourselves. we own our time and can do with it as we wish. that being said, i still want to reminisce a little about the past year. all the ups and down. many of these were already blogged about, but they are the moments over the past 12 months that have stuck with me. many of these markers were of great happiness or sign of sheer devotion. some brought tears, sadness, and frustration. but through it all i know i’ve come out of the year 2012 a stronger and more determined woman.

so here goes (i’m warning you… it’s PICTURE TIME!!!)

in january, as i was setting my new years goals (i hate calling them resolutions), i decided to sign up for my first race! the st louis GO! half marathon in april. looking back on this, i definitely jumped the gun. but i was determined to have a lofty goal to aspire to push myself towards. and that it did. when i look through my photos they are filled with shots of treadmill mileage and times, gamins, tennis shoes, and motivational pictures.

IMG 2136IMG 2137

through the next month, my running streak continued. my long runs started getting longer and i started really falling in love with the sport. february is also the same month i got to visit my family in texas. my great-grandmother’s birthday is in feb and many of the family members on my mom’s side use this time for the family reunion. for we all know we’d be nothing without her. she’s in her 90’s and just as cool as ever. as an added bonus, i got to see my mom & step-dad while there. they came in from colorado and we all three stayed in a cozy little rental house. my mom is an awesome artist and so are several other family members (cousins & aunts). i must have been in the bathroom when whey were handing out craft-skills… because i totally missed that boat. i was also introduced to pickle liquor… let’s just leave it at that. {i love my cousins}

IMG 2175IMG 2201IMG 2188


the month of march was a real running roller coaster. my longest run was 10 miles. still not very speedy, and it often included run/walk technique. but i was enjoying it so much! it was also time for my first race.  ever. it was the st louis st patrick’s 5mile down town. last minute gregg decided to run with me. i was so happy to have him there with me, maneuvering through to the starting line and being there with my water at the end. i ran it a few minutes faster than expected and felt fantastic!!! after the endorphins wore off, my knee started to ache. long story short, this is when i tore my meniscus {begin roller coaster emotion ride}.  during march we also celebrated my dear sister-in-law’s engagement and wedding shower

IMG 2520IMG 2341IMG 2410

april showers (aka: bachellorette parties), major house renovations (out with the carpet, in with the hard wood!), and baseball.  i knew at this point that i’d have to have surgery on the knee, but enjoyed the month as best i could.

IMG 2441IMG 2479

IMG 2487

on may 1st i had meniscus repair. the next several months my disappointment, frustration, and slight depression (honestly) really wore on me. the healing took much longer than i was ready for. and the pain was ridiculous. my darling sister in law got married on week after my surgery…. her wedding was beautiful, i only wished i was more prepared to party.

IMG 2548

IMG 2547IMG 2535



several months later, in june, our floors were finally finished!! we also celebrated my friend kristi’s wedding shower. 

IMG 2683IMG 2702

july brought more celebrations including kristi’s bachellorette party.

IMG 0879IMG 0881

after all that fun, evidently i just worked my august away. i’ve poured through photos, blogs, Facebook, twitter. i have absolutely nothing excited to report from this month. which is definitely a shame since it’s gregg’s birthday month?!?!?  i’m a terrible wife.

september seemed to pick up steam again. we had kristi’s wedding, more baseball games, another friends’ wedding/vow renewal, a hike in the park (also known as “the big adventure”), and my first biopsy of a suspicious mole.

263760 10101162503086450 1528418651 nIMG 2847545533 4567661026041 1334682685 nPhoto 7


october, my favorite month of the year!!! probably because my birthday & halloween are the two best holidays! other things we did: eckard’s to pick our own pumpkins and apples; kait’s (cousin) wedding; a behind the scenes zoo tour where i got to pet penguins and sea lions; finally got back to running in the halloween 5k; and a trip over birthday weekend to new york city!

IMG 2895IMG 2913IMG 2933IMG 3022

november was time to get all gussied up for the annual gala (hubby’s work). we visited our favorite place on the planet (dreams puerto vallarta). and i started crossfit!!

IMG 3156IMG 0020 2IMG 3418IMG 3433

my life was changed forever in december when i went through the whole30 challenge (and had a second biopsy to remove additional abnormal cells — and finally got the ‘all clear’).  you’ll note that i had no mention of formal holidays in this mix…. because i always forget to take photos during family gatherings!  i must get better.

IMG 3566IMG 3527


wow. what a year!! i know there were many other exciting (and not so exciting) things that occurred.  these are the highlights that i will remember with fondness. i look forward to having a more fully documented 2013!!




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