food for thought

i came across two very interesting articles today.

But before I talk about them… Let me tell you about my experiment. Last night I decided as part of my ‘reintroduction’ I wanted to see how some frozen custard made me feel. I was excited and nervous. I waited a while to take the first bite….


At first it was delicious. Then, the after taste in my mouth sort of grossed me out. My mouth felt caked/coated in something. I had a few more bites and decided I wasn’t feeling right. I’m glad I tapped out when I did because almost immediately my stomach started rumbling and aching.

In a way I’m sad to have such an extreme reaction. On the other hand, it proves to me how crappy I felt before (frozen custard was perhaps a weekly, if not more, occurrence!) versus how great I feel now.

That being said, I was 100% compliant today. But I’m no longer counting days.

Tonight’s Crossfit class was tough. “Isabel” is 30 snatches, for time. Snatches are very complex movements and really tough to nail. I probably only got three good ones out of thirty… But I am learning. And I will get better.

Cash out was 500m row. I love rowing.


On to those articles! Both are from NPR because I love NPR.

This is an inspiring story of a lunch lady that’s making her own attempt to clean up school lunches, by cooking from scratch and eliminating processed food! Sound familiar???

Lunch Lady

The second article talks about the science behind being full. If you see your food, you will feel fuller hours later. Yet another reason to take a moment to stop and enjoy your food.

Memory Matters

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