you’ll be wicked jealous

turns out i’m still nursing a bum ankle, but that didn’t stop me from doing an ‘at home’ wod yesterday. just to see how i feel. turns out it felt pretty good during the workout, but was sore later as i cleaned the house.

if you follow me on twitter or instagram (misskris_stl) these are repeats.


Screen Shot 2012 12 30 at 10 33 19 AM

Screen Shot 2012 12 30 at 10 32 26 AM

yesterday i had a date with a girlfriend to go to the theater. i’ve wanted to see WICKED for such a very long time and it was finally my chance!

time to get all done up (boots to cover the ankle wrap) and head to the show!

IMG 3541





the musical was everything i’d hoped for ….and more.  i’m still singing defying gravity in my head!


after the show, kristi and i met up with our boys for an early dinner. over dinner the conversation turned to questions on the whole30 and crossfit several times. thanks to a suggestion from my hubby, i think i’ll do a recap of people’s reactions, thoughts, and questions.


in the mean time, here’s my whole30 recap for day 27 (saturday)

workout – BW wod. 5 rounds. 10 OHS. 10 pushups. 10 situps. followed by 2:30 plank hold. it felt good to get a little sweat on. but doing it in the living room just didn’t feel the same.

eats – nothing spectular worth noting, except dinner at houlihan’s…. found another location that the server was very understanding and even making suggestions for my meal (to be compliant). so far, the three places i’ve eaten out… the chain restaurants have been the most accommodating. which makes me sad b/c we love our local eateries.




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