i can climb a rope!

hello my friends! i have missed you

 IMG 3527

the past several days i’ve been taken up in the holiday festivities. i clearly do better at blogging when i have a battle rhythm. although i haven’t blogged for quite a few days, i’m very happy to report that i’m still holding strong on my whole30 journey!! today is day 26!! it’s so hard to believe. sadly, since i haven’t blogged for a while i’ve also lost track of my eats. but, i have held myself to it…. despite the temptations. 

let’s rewind and recap a few important things that have happened…

dec 24 gregg and i went to CF314 for an early morning workout. yes, we worked out on christmas eve day! nearly one month ago, before starting crossfit, i had anxiety for many reasons. i was intimidated and somewhat scared of the ‘crazy’ wods and/or athletes. i feared my inability and non-athletism would be painfully obvious. but with each visit, and each class, i tackled the wod head on. i didn’t worry about scaling, in fact sometimes i probably went more conservative. but i intend to focus on form and really learn the skills.

up until this point, the activity that really haunted my thoughts was the rope climb. four large ropes hang in the corner of our box, going all the way up to a 20′ ceiling. i knew i’d eventually have to face these demons.


turns out, christmas eve, the gift to myself was confidence! 

the wod was all about the ropes! during the skill portion of class, our instructor showed us how to climb… having 4 experienced classmates demonstrating.

Screen Shot 2012 12 28 at 2 31 47 PM

then it was time for the newbies! i walked up to that rope. grabbed on. wrapped my leg. swallowed my fear. and climbed that damn thing!

first time on the rope, and i went up to the “women’s” 15 foot mark! boom! that happened. [gregg tried to take video, but his iPhone was full.  :(]

during the workout, i made 2 or 3 solid rounds, then had to scale back on the climbs. my arms were definitely getting tired and my form was poor. but after class, i rested up a bit, and decided i wanted a video of me and my rope. so i climbed again. this time, all 20′ up!

[note: not captured on the video, me dropping with less than 1 foot from the ground and severely twisting my ankle. i will never, ever, do that again!]

dec24-25: christmas celebration at my in-laws. i packed my own meals, didn’t participate in the food schmorgeshbored, and passed up on the best freakin’ chocolate chip cookies on the planet. i wanted to give in so many times. just one. it’s a special occasion and family tradition. but i knew, if i ate that cookie, it’d be gone in 5 seconds. and i’d think about it for the next 5 days! it wasn’t worth it.

though, i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t going to have one on january 2nd!

the last several days have been spent at home, “RICE“-ing my ankle. i’m hoping to be ready for the box this weekend. that may be too optimistic. 

whole30 recap

as i said before, i don’t recall everything i’ve eaten. it’s been pretty boring. but overall i feel pretty great!! best thing i’ve made recently:

sweet potato fries have made a come back

chicken soup (crock pot)

homemade applesauce


3 thoughts on “i can climb a rope!

  1. holy hell. i’m a little behind on my reader, but WAY TO GO. i’ve never considered this something i could ever do. but. now, maybe?

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