cravings & exhausted… pms on whole30

the past few days i’ve really been fighting the sugar dragon and my energy levels have been monumtenally low.

after doing some research, this is my pms on whole30. directly from melissa hartwig (co-founder of whole9 and author of It Starts With Food)

Screen Shot 2012 12 23 at 9 46 42 AM


 so… it turns out that while i was cutting back on some of the fruit & sweet potatoes this last week, i was in direct violation of what my body needed

being armed with this knowledge, i definitely feel less frustrated. i was beginning to think that i was just hitting the 2nd phase (in which everything sucks). but being on day 20 i should start reaping some of the benefits!

whole30 recap (day 20)

workout – n/a

meal 1 – eggs & veggies

meal 2 – dry salad with chicken at onesto’s

meal 3 – shepards pie


One thought on “cravings & exhausted… pms on whole30

  1. thanks! this helped! I’m on day 20 of the whole 30 and had been feeling pretty great. Then PMS hit (i think) I had worse hunger and cravings then I’ve had yet and slept 13 hours last night!? I’m like, wait, this is when I’m supposed to be feeling really good, tiger blood! But I’m feeling really lethargic today. I thought the whole 30 would counteract my PMS, but I guess not. I’m going to up the carbs and hopefully that will help. Sweet potatoes here I come!

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