happy friday! today was my last work day of 2012. that feels so good to say 🙂

in fact, i left work early today and just sort of putzed around.

i had to pick up a gift card from a local nail place, so of course that meant i needed to stop & get my nails done too. i love the gel nails. they hang through all the sh*t i put them through. [and that’s important, because we are tackling the basement this week!!!]

my energy level has been pretty low the last couple days. last night i was in bed by 830 and asleep by 9pm. today, i came home and took a nap after work.

gregg and i had committed to each other we’d go to 5pm class tonight, but due to a change in plans we re-committed to the 6pm class. we were both tired and groggy and didn’t feel like going.

but we did.

and as usual, i was so glad we went! 

class was really small tonight, only 3 of us, so i got some extra attention from the trainer. the workout itself was a doozey. after 150 air squats and power cleans, my quads are quivering. [i’m thinking tomorrow morning wod (wall balls) are out of the question]

although i had lots of coaching tonight, i still obviously have my form to work on. i definitely need to learn how to do a power clean without landing on my collar bone. this is my bruise showing up literally 1 hour after class.

also, in case you didn’t know, i am part giraffe…


IMG 3510


whole30 recap (day 19) << friday

workout – CF314 6pm class – Power Cleans and Air Squats. crossfit is teaching me many things…. tonight’s lesson was that “air squats” can still make me want to cry. these are squats with no weight. nothing. but do 50 of them…3 times… and it makes it difficult to walk for a bit!

meal 1 – porridge, blackberries, and egg <<  i think i need to chill on this porridge, it’s pretty high in fat content

meal 2 – left over shepard’s pie (from last night)

snack – clementine, banana, almond butter << i kept wanting to snack in hopes to spike my energy. *tisk*tisk*

meal 3 − 2 eggs, shrimp, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber. i do not recommend this mix. it was yucky, but i was hungry and needed a quick fix.

whole30 recap (day 18) << thursday

workout – n/a

meal 1 – egg, italian sausage, sweet potato

meal 2 – salmon, avocado (old, and not great tasting), & misc salad << our work holiday luncheon was today. i brought my own food.

meal 3 – made up shephard’s pie (cauliflower base, ground beef, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, with coconut milk on top) not great, but not terrible for being a made up recipe!





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