wednesday workout (day 16-17)

beautiful morning sunrise in the ‘hood

IMG 3505

yesterday i didn’t get a chance to blog. i was busy mailing christmas presents and doing christmas cards. i think everything will arrive with 2-3 days to spare. i’m so proud of myself.


tucker & bella tried to help.

IMG 3437 IMG 3436

last night, i took that as a priority and did not make it to crossfit. so i was  amped to go tonight! who-we it was a doozie!

in other big news, today was the first time i dined out at a restaurant in the last 17 days. i was pretty nervous and anxious about the whole process. but when i explained what i was doing the server was excellent. my coworkers gave me a look of pity the entire time. i thought the lunch was delicious.

gregg hid the scale from me (on request).  i worry that the little boost i got from my cheat (updated body measurements) has provided more temptation to weigh myself. i refuse to define my success by those numbers.


Whole30 recap (day 16) << Tuesday

Workout – n/a

Meal 1 – the usual (egg, sweet potato, sausage)

Meal 2 – left over spaghetti

Snack – banana/almond butter

Meal 3 – scallops, brussel sprouts, sweet potato


Recap (day 17) << Today/Wednesday

Workout – Killer WOD at CF314.  Toes thru Rings, Lunges, Push Ups, Russian Kettlebell Swings. PHEW!

Meal 1 – 2 eggs, avocado, brussel sprouts, salmon

Meal 2 – chicken breast, veggies, sweet potato << first meal dining out. Longhorn Steakhouse

post workout – 2 dates

meal 3 – caulirice, onion, spinach, italian sausage, egg scramble.

almost everything i eat becomes a “scramble” IMG 3506


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