monday motivation

it’s time for… monday motivation!  (+ a little cuteness)

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i’m going to have to remind myself of this as i continue to push myself and learn more at crossfit…

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i don’t know who’s puppy this is, but it’s just plain adorable… i’m slowly getting more in the holiday spirit!

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and ps – this was my last work monday of 2012. enough said.

whole30 recap (day 15) –

so i’ve made it to the half way mark. i am feeling healthy and energetic. in fact, i almost feel bad when i tell people i’m enjoying it. i don’t want to mislead someone into thinking it’s easy… because it’s not. i just love how i feel.

workout – CF314 – Skill: TGU, WOD: 15AMRAP 5 Box Jumps, 5 Power/Hang Snatch, 1 Line Sprint. this was my first ever box jump!! i took the baby box (probably 12 inches?) just to build confidence. i also increased the weight a little on the snatches… 35#…. still a lot of form to focus on.

meal 1 − 2 eggs, 1/2 potato, italian sausage. coffee w/ coconut milk << half drank, pitched rest

meal 2 – pork, carrots w/ dates, spinach all mulled together with a dab of mustard. that was the last serving of crock-pot pork and i finally enjoyed it. ha!

snack – mandarin orange (whoops, no protein)

meal 3 – scallops, broccoli, red bell pepper


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