more than just weight loss (days 12 & 13)



it’s been a busy weekend, i missed you. 

friday was a busy day… work wasn’t too shabby, it was the social scene that got a little hectic. but before i jump to the bar scene, i had to have a follow up appointment with my neurologist. i’ve been on daily preventative migraine meds for quite some time. but after talking to her about the whole30 and the reintroduction process she said i could go off the meds (when i asked). 

so here i am (sunday) and 2 nights have passed without taking the meds. i’m a little apprehensive, but very hopeful. she told me some of the usual triggers include MSG, red wine, old cheeses, etc. i plan to find some more literature, this way i can be on the look out for usual food triggers when i’m ready. 

after the doc, i had three happy hour invites. they were scattered all over the city so i only made two of them. the first was with my co-workers. some of them know about the whole30, but many didn’t. and since i was hitting up the bar around 5pm i knew i needed a snack. so i ate my hardboiled egg and blackberries in the parking lot. then once inside, i ordered water with lemon & lime to try to avoid any questions. it seems that if you’re married and drinking water at a happy hour everyone will automatically assume you are preggers. the few people that noticed i just said i had other happy hours to attend and didn’t want to be drinking and driving. (also a true statement). Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 10 37 58 AM

the second gathering was closer to home so i was able to eat dinner very quickly then head back out. gregg and i met up with all the folks from crossfit314. i’d never been to this particular bar before, and it smelt of heavenly bbq. i was so glad i ate before! again, i ordered my water with lemon & lime. and enjoyed getting to know some of the people i have met over the past few weeks. it was funny seeing the girls in makeup with their hair done.

by 11:30… i crashed.

<<alarm>> went off at 7:45 saturday morning. time for crossfit! i got up very begrudgingly. 9am class was not my idea. but after we got there and got moving i was glad to have it out of the way. the workout was modified, to be a remembrance WOD. for the terrible tragedy and those suffering up in newton, ct. when i suffered during the workout (i even fell and dropped weights during OHS)…  i thought of those dear children, those beautiful strong teachers, and all their families. they will be strong and lift each other up. we all need to do that for one another. each and every day. 

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 10 46 43 AM

most of the day saturday was spent finalizing christmas shopping. gregg visited costco for the first time. he is amazed. 

sadly, i still can’t find whole30 compliant bacon… even though the whole9 forums say costco has it. <sigh>

and now it’s time for a confession… saturday (day 13), i had a cheat…. but it wasn’t a food cheat! …i’ve been doing so great on the whole30…. i really have. i know my gut feels better. i know my relationship with food is improving. and hopefully, can fix my migraine/headaches.    but i am not seeing the body changes i hoped for. since i know i don’t want to weigh myself, i decided to take my body measurements. i think this was probably a cheat and while i feel a little guilty about it, it has giving me motivation  to keep it up! 

i won’t post my measurements, but i’ll just say… i’ve lost about an inch in every spot since nov 24 (when i started crossfit, about 1 week prior to starting whole 30).


From Whole9

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 10 36 44 AM

whole30 recap (day 12)

workout – n/a (busy being a social butterfly)

meal 1 − 1/2 sweet potato, 2 eggs, italian sausage

meal 2 – left over spaghetti & broccoli

snack – hb egg & blackberries (before happy hour)

meal 3 – pork, 1/2 avocado,  + almond butter/banana 


whole30 recap (day 13)

workout – “jeremy” 21-15-9: OHS & Burpees!  8:32 @ 25#

meal 1 – porridge (used coconut milk makes 10x more yummy)

meal 2 – left over spaghetti & spinach

snack – pistachios (while out shopping at the mall. good thing i carry nuts in my purse)

meal 3 – surf n’ turf (steak, scallops, sweet potato, brussel sprouts) << much of steak & sweet potato went uneaten

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