cookies, ice cream, sugar filled dreams

it has officially happened. last night every single dream i had (or at least remember) had cookies, ice cream, or some other sweet in it. 

in most of the dreams i was devouring the goodies without giving it any thought. chocolate chips hanging on the sides of my mouth, crumbs falling down my face. each time i woke up so upset with myself. for ruining the whole30. then, i’d wake a little more and realize it was all a dream.

it’s a good thing i don’t (a) sleep walk and/or (b) have any cookies in the house!!

[google “sleep eating”. there are a surprising amount of photos! yikes!]

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 9 25 05 PM


while the last two weeks have been challenging, i haven’t been (or at least, haven’t realized that i’ve been) tempted by sweets. i want to give in for the ease factor. or i really want my “triple grande skinny vanilla latte”.  or even just a protein shake! but i haven’t missed cookies. 

so why did i dream about them? who knows. but apparently it’s fairly common. you can read more here.


on to other news…this morning i slept in. sharing my pillow obviously.

IMG 3496

i didn’t get much of anything on the ‘to do’ list done…  but i absolutely enjoyed my day! 

it was a balmy 55 degrees and sunny. rather than going to open gym, i decided to dust off my running shoes. it’s been a while since i’ve gone out on a longish run and i had no idea how i’d feel. …. turns out i felt great!

my left hip started getting a little tight, which pulled on my right knee towards the end of the run. so i made sure to spend a good 30 mins foam rolling when i got home.

4 miles in 45 mins. (i actually hit 5k around 34:something and struggled to do much after that)

wearing my new top from my sis! it’s brighter than i would have picked but after i had it on i really liked it!

<sheesh my mirror needs cleaned!>

IMG 3499

hi bella!!!!

well, another great weekend in the books. now the puppies are snoring and i’m ready for bed.

good night friends.


whole30 recap (day 14!)

workout – 4 mile solo run.   i’m glad i took this pic b/c somehow data was lost in the sync from garmin to mac! laps 1-4 were the 3.1miles but somehow gone forever. the number nerd in me is very sad. also, i never match for workouts… it’s a goal of mine to never match.

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 9 18 42 PM

IMG 3500

meal 1 – porridge, blueberries, blackberries, egg

meal 2 – spaghetti left overs [it’s a good thing i like this … it’s the never ending left overs!!]

meal 3 – pork, cauli-rice, candied carrots (baked with dates)


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