walking into the lions den (aka: gyro shop)

happy thursday! it felt like a friday to me… i took half day off and headed to the mall to do some christmas shopping!

i haven’t done much shopping yet and it was so nice to be there on a random mid-week afternoon. the stores weren’t crowded, they were clean and organized!

i decided to take the day off from working out because my quads are screaming sore. it’s definitely a good sore, but whoa, definitely sore. let’s just say there’s a good thing i have private bathroom stalls … because getting down to the toilet and back up again is a sight to see! 8-]

while wandering around christmas shopping, i did buy myself some new jeans. then as soon as i walked away, i told myself i shouldn’t have, because i’m going to loose all this weight on the whole30. promptly, i reprimanded myself. that is not why i’m doing this. i’m going through these 30 days to get a new appreciation for food. to develop a new relationship with it. and perhaps, to clear up some nagging health issues (gut, head, acne). of course i’m not expecting them to be magically cured, but it would be nice!

tonight’s dinner adventure …. gf decided he wanted gyros. he tried to wait it out, thought about it for a while. and then just decided to have them. i asked if i could go with him to the store for some canned tomatoes. for i was going to have spaghetti. this time at schucks, i did not embarrass myself by having a conversation with the cashier about how the brussel sprouts looked so yummy. (thought to self: those are still in my fridge.  i need to roast them bad boys!) 

i did go into the restaurant with gregg. let me paint the picture for you… we love this place so much, we walk in and they start making our order. we don’t have to tell them what we want. we are (1) that predictable and (2) committed customers! tonight it threw them off their game when gregg said 1 gyro. they said “one?” he looked at me and asked “one?” i said, to everyone, “one.”

see easy as that!

but aye yi yi… did it smell good 

whole30 recap (day11)

workout – n/a. stretching the legs!!

meal 1 − 1/2 sweet potato, sausage, egg, black coffee

meal 2 – chicken, 1/2 avocado, carrots, broccoli, blackberries

snack – banana & almond butter (surprise surprise)

meal 3 – spaghetti squash spaghetti!!  << at first it intimated me but it was so easy! nuke a spaghetti squash in the microwave. throw canned crushed tomatoes in a saucepan with a little penzy’s italian spice & EVOO. brown the organic beef (a la costco). shred squash. MIX. add a dash of garlic salt. and ENJOY!


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