TGU and losing my appetite

“meat? again?!”

“ugh, okay where can i get some protein.”

“i can’t believe it’s time to eat already”


it’s official, i have hit the “i’ve lost my appetite” stage of my journey. i don’t know if i’m getting burned out on the “meat, veggie, fat” concept or if the “non-meat-eater” in me is starting to shine through. but both for lunch & dinner i struggled figuring out my protein.

basically when i meal plan, i (1) figure my protein/meat (2) add veggies then (3) fat.  i figure i’m going to have to get a little more creative with my meals! (ether that or find something i love and just stick to it for a while, rather than experiment and have ‘so-so’ meals)

today was another stressful day at work. it seemed that of all the things i had on my own to-do list… none of them got done. i was chasing other fire drills and helping co-workers. but knowing that i have some time off coming up in a week and a half helps!

i was almost late for tonights’ 6pm class. traffic was crazy bad. but every time i get frustrated i try to remember that someone’s life may have just changed in an instant. i will still be going about my business, maybe just a few minutes late.

whole30 recap (day 10!)

workout – crossfit. tonight we focused on Turkish Get Ups (TGU) for skill. I learned the move and had to pass a ‘test’ by doing it with my shoe balanced on my fist. then i got to use a 5# plate (all the other kb were in use). then the instructor had two of the more experienced people try to do it with a 10# WB. they both struggled and couldn’t make it happen. the next girl (who is a beast when it comes to moving weight) tried it and just about got it. i thought, i’m going to try… just to appreciate the toughness.  guess what… i NAILED it. first try. i only did it with my right arm… then it was time to start class.  but i will try with my left arm too!

meal 1 − 1/2 sweet potato, 1 egg, italian sausage, coffee

meal 2 – pulled pork & cauli-rice

snack (pre workout) – banana & almond butter

meal 3 – salmon (from a can), 1/2 avocado, broccoli & carrots. (plus a little dash of sugar-free spicy mustard)

IMG 3487


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