scallops on a tuesday

i feel quite spoiled tonight, i made scallops for dinner. they were so easy and so very yummy! i know they are expensive so i can’t make it a habit…but i will enjoy them!

today was a very stressful day at work. after working much of the night last night to prep for an early morning meeting… i was ready for the day to be done when 10am rolled around! but sadly the hits just kept coming. not once did i think i needed to grab a snack or a soda. in fact, it never crossed my mind. i only mention it now because today would have been the type of day that would be my undoing in times past [aka: pre whole30]

tonight i finally made it back to crossfit! i was going through some withdrawals a little. i hadn’t been since thursday. how did i get hooked so fast!?

well, it’s late boys & girls. i experimented in the kitchen some more tonight (butternut squash soup anyone?) i’ll let you know how it turned out…. when i eat it the next day or two.

big lesson on the whole30 is meal prep!! lots of nights i’m prepping multiple meals to aide in the next days’ lunches, snacks, and/or easy grab & go dinners!

whole30 recap (day 9)

workout: partner wod! this was my first partner wod and it was a great motivator! basically you work while partner rests, then they work while you rest. it’s great motivation to keep the pace up so that they don’t recover too much and send you back out there too soon! lots of running tonight and knee felt great. i was also extra diligent in my warm up… focusing on overhead squat (OHS) form. i’ll get it

meal 1: porridge, banana, blackberries, sausage

snack: clementine & pistachios

meal 2: salad as big as my keyboard… chicken, 1/2 avocado, tomatoes, cauliflower, 

snack/post workout: hard boiled egg

meal 3: scallops, 1/2 sweet potato, brocolli

IMG 3484


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