put a fork in it (one week done!)

so the first week of my whole30 journey is done. how do i feel? i feel great albeit very very tired. this is not abnormal for me though.

i’ve always been a fan of naps. so it’s hard to say whether sleeping poorly (from my stitches), week 1 ‘symptoms’ of whole30, or just life in general is dragging me down. but this girl is pooped.

please allow tucker to demonstrate…

IMG 2080


i’m looking forward to week two. it’s going to be a busy week (work happy hours, dinners with friends, dentist appointments) but i’ll be sure to make time to squeeze in a work out here and there. and eat clean!

here’s a preview for the week ahead! yum

IMG 3480

overall this first week has been very enlightening. i’ve opened my eyes to reading food labels (seriously, sugar is in everything!). i’ve also learned how to wrestle some of my own internal food demons. interestingly, i don’t crave anything right now. in fact, i’ve come to realize that i miss the ‘habit‘ of food more than i miss the food. for example, my morning coffee can still be enjoyed without the cream & sugar. or when i walk in the door after a long days’ work i don’t have to have a granola bar!  i’m more thoroughly understanding and realizing food is fuel. fuel that helps (or hurts) my body. i’ve seen a few tweets or fb posts from friends saying “they earned this pizza, ice cream, beer… what not”.  and now i’m beginning to see how distorted that view is… food is not a reward system. i am not a dog that gets a treat for doing a trick

in a completely unrelated note: gregg has opted to follow a less stringent plan and eat more paleo (rather than whole30). i appreciate his willingness to continue to support me in this challenge and i know he’s seeing his own benefits. today at open gym, he set a hella PR on his deadlift. 355#! wowsers. in his acceptance speech, he owed it all to the bacon. 🙂  

don’t get me going on bacon. and sugar. and my never ending quest… 

with that, i’m heading up to bed. good night!


whole30 (day 7) Recap:

workout – nada (but i should be good to go tomorrow!)

meal 1 – italian sausage, egg, tomato

meal 2 – chicken on spinach, avocado, pomegranate seeds

snack – again… naner & almond butter (i sound like a broken record!)

meal 3 – salmon, cauli-rice, roasted brussel sprouts!


2 thoughts on “put a fork in it (one week done!)

  1. I don’t know how I came across your blog but I’m on day three of the whole 30 and I have been loving reading your blog. I’m going to steal your line “food is not a reward system. i am not a dog that gets a treat for doing a trick. ” it’s so true. thanks for blogging about your adventures.

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