another new membership…. day 6

IMG 3458

poor t-rex… 

good morning my friends. i know it’s sunday morning, but it appears i’m a day off on my blogging so i want to catch up.

it seems that this whole month has been about change and new experiences for me. i’ve started crossfit. i’ve embarked on the whole30 journey. and yesterday, i joined costco!

several times in the past i’ve considered but never pulled the trigger. and after doing a lot of reading on i found out that costco has some great meat selections. (hormone, nitrate free, organic, no sugar, etc etc). i’m pretty excited about the new shopping arena.

another note about shopping, so far this weekend all my food shopping has taken place at three stores (costco, trader joes, and a meat market). i’m about to add two more (target and schnucks). << i don’t think this is what they mean when they say paleo is hunting & gathering!  haha

secondly, i’m going through crossfit withdrawals. i miss the box. i miss the people. but i need to let my incision heal up just a little more. considering i’m unable to sleep on my right side, stomach, or raise my arms without wincing…. b/c of the soreness, pain, and stitches…. i figure another day off is in order. for those weak of stomach, i will not post a picture of my stitches… your welcome.


whole30 RECAP:  (this is starting to get repetitive!! i need to try a few creative recipes!)

workout – yet another rest day. heal up fast little suture!

meal 1 – pumpkin pancakes, almond butter, blackberries. starbucks christmas blend (black)

meal 2 – chicken, carrots, cauli-rice

snack – banana & almond butter

meal 3 – steak, eggs, cucumber, green beans


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