TGIF (day 5)

i’m writing this blog post mid saturday afternoon, but i wanted to capture a little bit about my friday (day 5 on whole30).

yesterday morning i had a follow up on a mole-biopsy. the dermatologist needed to remove a little more of the area, trying to get all abnormal cells out of my body. when i set up the 830 am appointment the nurse assured me i’d be fine to return to the office afterwards.

thirty minutes and three stitches later, the doc advised that after the numbing meds wore off i would be “fairly uncomfortable”. fantastic. i have a solid 7 hour meeting reviewing analysts forecasts today.

noon rolled around and i felt fine. i thought, “it’s bothersome… but i’m fine.” (quite cockily i might add)

then 3:30 hit and suddenly i’m sweating bullets. unable to focus on any words that are being said. and i’m actively fighting myself from ripping my shirt off. (pulling it away from the suture area). i downed three extra strength tylenol and had to fight through it. 

when i finally left the office, close to 6pm, i thought i’d just curl up and sleep in my car for a bit. << but then realized that was a terrible idea and headed home.

i thought how easy it would be to just get gyros and chill on the couch. i wanted gyros…. or did i?  after much internal analysis, i realized that i wanted the EASE of gyros. see, i am learning through this process!

upon driving up my street, i saw a wonderful surprise!! my hubby put up the christmas lights on the house! he put up the christmas tree! he put up a few decorations around the house! and even hung the new dining room light that’s been in the box since spring!!! (i didn’t take any pics b/c i was too damn tired & in pain but i was oh so appreciative)

gregg, at this point, declared he wanted gyros. i told him i would go with him to get one for him. but i would not be having any. i also realized, if he’s going to do this with me he has to have those internal struggles too.

well, eventually he said he was headed out back to fire up the grill. “i’m doing this one more day” he said. 🙂

dinner was consumed, and enjoyed. we watched some dvr and i promptly fell asleep.



signs of eating whole30 – you need twitter to recall which meal was which!

Screen Shot 2012 12 08 at 12 40 16 PM

whole30 RECAP:

workout – rest day

meal 1 − 2 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato, avocado

meal 2 – chicken breast, carrots, cucumber, clementine

snack – almond butter & naner

meal 3 – steak, cauli-rice, spinach


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