whole30 – day 4



okay, so this might be turning into a day by day account. although, i hope that after some of the ‘newness’ wears off it won’t be at the forefront of my every waking thought.

first of all, it seems like i’ve been doing whole30 for many more days than 4. i think i’m starting to hit the crabby, tired, starting to cleanse the body stage. i definitely notice when i’ve gone too long without eating and/or didn’t get enough in the last meal.

i learned today that gum (even sugar free gum) is a no-no on the whole30. thankfully i just had some dental work done and i was avoiding gum for a week already. but i can go through 4 sticks a day (at least)… and now that my dental work allows me to chew it’s going to be another little battle.

why can’t you chew sugar free gum on the whole30 you might ask? here’s a few snippets i found over on whole9life.com forums

  • chewing gum fakes out your digestive system
  • gum is full of artificial sweeteners
  • there’s all kinds of nasty things (non-food really) in gum

only watch this video if you never want to chew gum again…


tonights crossfit workout was a kicker. i was still pretty sore from yesterday, a good sore though. just from doing weights and movements i’ve never done before. it’s waking up new muscles all over my body. my traps and low back are especially sore after a lot of power clean & jerks. tonight’s WOD was heavily scaled and reps adjusted. but i know i still got a good workout in and i’m learning so much!

when i got home from crossfit (around 730p) i told my mom and hubby that i was completely on E. i don’t know if i was under nourished or if it’s just the stage of the program i’m in. but man, i felt so sick and foggy and tired. after eating a plate of nutritious food i felt 100x better.


whole30 RECAP:

workout (as modified) – 3 Rounds of 20 wall balls (10#) and 20 power snatch (15#). i’m still focusing on form and range of motion. landing and locking my arms slightly behind my head will take a lot of practice and focus. so will the depth. i just need to really be persistent in my warms ups.

meal 1 – black coffee, 1/2 sweet potato & frittata (again. blaugh. i am just about sick of that concoction. i’d better move on to something else tomorrow!)

snack – blackberries

meal 2 – salmon (from foil wrap) on salad with spinach, tomatoes, avocado. there was broccoli in there but i avoided it. i also didn’t eat the other 1/2 of sweet potato.

snack – banana & almond butter (seems i should have eaten my entire lunch!)

meal 3 – chicken breast (3/4) & carrots (a la crock pot) and left over cauli-rice. << i am a big fan of this stuff!


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