temptations on day 3

and so it begins….

the christmas season always brings a myriad of goodies. some delicious. some just so so. the christmas season also tends to bring out the thoughtfulness in many of my co-workers.. exchanging simple gifts. often consisting of afore mentioned goodies!



today was the last time i’d see this particular group of people at the office. i received a little plant w/ chocolate, a mason jar filled with puppy chow, a scratcher ticket with chocolate, and chocolate dipped stirring spoons.

are you freaking kidding me!!! i stared at these delicious goodies for the entire 5 hour long meeting. i watched as everyone ate theirs. and as my usual lunch hour rolled around and i got hungry enough to eat my arm… i did not give in.

lunch was served for our group. i enjoyed the beef and the green beans.  passing on mashed potatoes, handmade cinnamon ice cream, and the best cookies in the world.

my boss and other co-workers were recipients of my immediately re-gifted chocolate.

toward the end of my work day… and i was tired. i had a headache too. but i drove straight to crossfit314 and got down to it.

today brought many temptations. many chances to give up and slip on my goals.no one would have known.  except me. and that, my friends, was enough.

today was a very big success. day 3 is in the books.


whole30 RECAP:

workout: CF314 – Power Clean & Jerk (55lbs), Pull ups, Ring Dips.  << pull ups are a major weakness for me. they will be conquered!

meal 1: bacon, egg/zucchini/carrot frittata

meal 2: beef, green beans, banana, almond butter

meal 3: steak, cauli-rice, 1/2 sweet potato

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