Whole30 – Day 2

not much to report today, other than i successfully completed another day of the whole30. two days may not seem like much, but thinking about and evaluating every single thing that passes my lips makes each day feel a little bit longer.

i didn’t do crossfit tonight. nor did i make a fancy dinner. 

but i did attend a random tuesday afternoon (4pm to be exact) baby shower.

most of the attendees are firefighters, nurses, or something with similar ‘odd’ schedule. in fact, i think G and i were the only ones with Mon thru Fri 9-5 jobs. [and funny they say NINE to five because it’s usually more like SEVEN-THIRTY to five for this chica!!]

anyways, these dear friends of ours have been trying for years to grow their family. when having their own wasn’t an option, they went into the foster/adoption cycle. that can be so long and cumbersome. i’m grateful for people with great big hearts like theirs. they now have a 10 month old foster son (soon to head back to birth mom) and 1 month old daughter (adopted as soon as she was born). 

in attendance 9 adults, 5 children, and 1 dog. it was loud. it was fun. 

i don’t know if it’s the diet, poor sleep, or what but i am exhausted. i should have had more fun tonight, but instead i keep thinking about my bed. and so, this is where i blog. 841pm and i’m ready to sleep.

btw – i still don’t have my christmas decorations up at home. and this is the extent of my decorations in the office. an old co-worker got us all usb powered lights from big lots. best random office gift ever. 

desktop photo: our favorite spot in mexico. darling hubby marked our initials and took an awesome photo.

IMG 3457


Whole30 Day 2 Recap:

Workout – None

Eats – Meal 1 – egg/zuchinni/carrot frittata (though the recipe book called it a quiche?! i don’t know the diff), bacon (probably not whole30 compliant – but we have 1 lb to eat), iced coffee

Meal 2 – shrimp on top of green salad with spinach, carrots, tomatoes, avocado and pistachios

Snack (though technically no snaking allowed on whole30) – banana & almond butter

Meal 3 – burger patty (at shower), sweet potato w almond butter, tangelo



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