Whole30 – Day 1

this will not become 30 days of posting about how i’m doing on the whole30. but dang, this ish is gonna be tough! i have a feeling that G will morph it into paleo…which is cool. he’s a healthy work horse anyways. 

IMG 3444

i on the other hand seem to always have gut issues and other ailments so i’d really like to see if i can gain some improvement. 

tonight i skipped CF and just went to the local high school track to run 6 X 400m.  it felt good being out there in the dark, doing my thing. even with 2 min breaks between laps, each one got slower and slower. however, considering i usually hold a 10+ min mile… my legs were kicking!

IMG 3456


Screen Shot 2012 12 03 at 9 10 23 PM

afterwards i went to target to get two things. i left with four. and forgot one of the two necessities. d’oh! my brain was more focused on food. my brain said “be productive” but my belly said “feed me seymour”




2 thoughts on “Whole30 – Day 1

  1. Hi found your blog while looking for other people doing Whole30 right now. My family started right after Thanksgiving and there aren’t many Whole30 enthusiastic bloggers to help us find ideas or camaraderie. We’re 10 days in and it’s been tough but manageable with only a few unforseen hiccups. We look forward to anything you post about how it’s going for you!

    • Hi Collette! I definitely think this Whole30 is best when the whole family commits to it! It would be easy to think of all the limitations, but I’m excited to get creative in the kitchen!
      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts too!

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