first week of crossfit

i need to make my visits to the ol’ blog more frequent than on a weekly basis. however, this past week time at the box (aka: crossfit gym) has been my location of choice. 

monday – first time to visit the 6pm class after work. gregg tagged along. several of the same people i met on saturday were there that night. that helped a lot. getting home at 730pm i was totally amped about the workout and not hungry at all. i skipped dinner. poor choice my friend. that lead to a handful of trail mix being eaten at 2am while the dogs did their business outside. (first note to self: you must eat! to fuel yourself!!)

tuesday – day off. and i missed it.

wednesday – i was going to wait until Thursday but i got antsy and went to the 6pm class. turns out most of the gals are 6pm’ers. gregg didn’t go this time. and i felt comfortable and learned a lot.

thursday – i decided i should work out b/c i knew i’d be taking friday-saturday off for some minor dental surgery on friday afternoon. i left work at 5pm and wasn’t even half way there an hour later. i was so pissed. headed home and sulked. gregg and i decided to go to the local gym (just regular old gym) and complete the wod together. there were several 400m runs outside. it was dark, and cold. so he slowed down and waited for me so that we could run together. i thought i’d be embarrassed or anxious, but i absolutely was not.  (a change is happening here in my own head)

as expected – i took friday & saturday off

sunday (today) was open gym. so i did what i missed yesterday. it was basically setting some baseline times and scores. gregg did a much longer work out so i got to socialize with people.

gregg and i have decided to start the Whole30 challenge. it’s a lot like an elimination diet. basically we’ll eat meat, veggies, fruits, and nuts for 30 days. then we’ll reintroduce the following categories one at a time – in order to gauge how our body responds to them: dairy, gluten, grains [non-gluten], legumes. 

these are the days that i want to remember. as i progress through crossfit and the whole30. stay tuned for more!


IMG 3433

had to remove some of the food from the house:

IMG 3453


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