End of Year Resolutions

this is going to be short and sweet… i need to write a longer post, but it’s 9pm and i need to go to bed soon. but i wanted to share my exciting news with you all.

saturday, nov 24 i attended my first official crossfit class at a real box!

the workout was killer. i need to get all the lingo down, so forgive me for not getting it right. i definitely scaled things back as i work on form and learning my body’s limits.

Warm Up (sub ring rows for pull ups, dips with blue band)

Skills – Cartwheels! I’m a lefty when it comes to cartwheels. going with my right hand first was a tragic sight.

WOD – (sort of hard to read): 24 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) – 50′ Long Jump Burpees, 15 KB Taters (18lb), 100 singles (jump rope)

IMG 3432

and… in true testament of how much i’m ready for this new challenge. i went back tonight! a monday night – after having been off work for 2 weeks. a monday night – after working a stupid busy 10 hour day. a MONDAY night. ‘bough said.

i had a different trainer tonight. and i really appreciate all the hands-on instructions and techniques. the old me might have been intimidated, but something has clicked. and i am SO ready to do this.

here’s tonight’s workout. again, definitely scaled.

Warm Up (I did not do double unders. Pull ups were assisted with the ‘green’ band

Strength – 53/63/83

IMG 3435


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