where has this month gone?!

so, october is my favorite month.

it’s the month mother nature shows the red, yellow, gold spectrum of her color palate. when you wake up one morning and suddenly once green trees are bursting in new colors. then soon, those beautiful leaves crunch under foot as we bundle up and stroll our neighborhood & city….

IMG 2901

just outside the city, it’s prime apple & pumpkin picking’ season!…

IMG 2895 IMG 2892

third and final wedding of wedding season! (congrats again kait & jake!)

IMG 2912

this is the month i finally got back to really running! i signed up for the Halloween 10k (but unfortunately resorted to downgrading to the 5k for the knee). i struggled with my training. swelling. pain. and fear set me back. but i had a fantastic run (almost 5 mins faster than i expected!) and i have the running bug again…

IMG 2933

this month i went on a behind the scenes tour at the zoo. i got to meet penguins (they are soooo soft!) and receive sealion kisses…

Photo 1 Photo 2

this is also the month of my wedding anniversary. time to celebrate a love so pure i often wonder what i did to deserve such a perfect companion. <;<; now don't think i'm implying he's perfect. because i know that no one is. but rather, he is my perfect companion. we make each other better. stronger. more committed to the good life…

Photo 3Photo 4

this month is my birthday. and for my birthday this year, i’m going someplace i’ve never been. …. i’ll share more on that once that time comes!

* getting back to it *

the race earlier this month has really lit a fire under my rump. i’ve signed up for Best Body Bootcamp. after reading about it on several other blogs, i decided to try it out! i can do anything for 8 weeks right?! i also plan to (finally) cash in my xmas present…. gift card to yoga! and i’ve signed up for the Go! St Louis 5k in April. they don’t offer 10k in april (the focus is really on the half- and full- marathons). i knew i wouldn’t be ready for that yet… so i thought it offered an excellent opportunity to provide a mile marker for improvement! even though i did well this month…. i know i can do better!

i’ll try to do better at blogging… but many days i’m barely getting a work day, home cooked meals, and a workout in. i’m not sure how all you amazing ladies do this blogging thing more regularly, plus kids, and what-nots! time management at it’s finest!

ps – the new apple iOS integrates photo stream to my mac. my iPhone snapshots show up on my mac. seamlessly. be prepared for more photos!


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