Benign. That is the best word I could have expected to hear last Friday. 

I’ve had the news for about a week… and I realized (after getting a few notes, comments, and calls) that I should post my results. I did not mean to be a drama queen by any means.

The biopsy for my mole confirmed (pathologically) the visual cues that my dermatologist observed. Although the mole is benign, there were several atypical attributes. On the molecular and cellular level. Boil it down, the mole was in the process of biologically changing. Next month, after Thanksgiving, I will return for another biopsy. The atypical cells were all the way to the edge of the biopsy and the doctor wants to make sure they go and remove further out, to get a clean cut. Remove all atypical cells in a preventative move.

That news Friday was some of the best news I could have received. It also proceeded a really great weekend that included a wedding (renewal of vows) of some friends of ours Friday night. Fire pit Saturday night. And hike Sunday morning! 

Gregg, Groom, Mother of the Groom, and grade school friends

Gregg & Friends


Car Ride!

IMG 2860


Gregg & Bella

IMG 2866

Me & Tucker!

IMG 2874

By monday I felt re-energized for the week.

Then, on Monday… I got to have dinner with one of my best friends in town from Chicago. And I got the new iPhone 5 delivered to my house!


So many fun & exciting things to write about!! But alas, work was hectic. And I ended up going on a spur of the moment biz trip to San Diego Thursday & Friday!

EARLY flight, watching the sunrise. And the most bizarre hotel gym. All the equipment around the pool?! 

Funny how I am always more motivated for early morning workouts in hotel rooms… 


IMG 2877IMG 2880


Now it’s Saturday and I have a full week of relaxing with my little family planned.


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