Wedding Season!

Ladies & Gents – we have now officially entered St Louis Wedding Season! Are you ready for this?!

This past weekend we celebrated two dear friends of mine – joined in holy matrimony. Kristi & Brian. They’re an awesome couple.

2010 – U2 Concert (They’d been engaged less than 24 hrs)

IMG 0712


2011 – Lady Gaga Concert

005 5

Kristi and I met several years ago while going to grad school at Wash U. For a few years, I probably saw Kristi more than I saw my hubby. 

Kristi asked me to be in her wedding and I was delighted!! 

Since I was in the wedding I got lots of “pre-wedding” pics (documenting the hours & hours that go into making us girls beautiful) but didn’t get many from the actual ceremony or reception. I have a few still on my camera and I’ll try to do a transfer and recap soon.

I woke up Sunday morning with SEVEN blisters on my feet … courtesy of the bridesmaids shoes. I also had dye all over them. but I won’t go into that tirade. Let me just say… avoid getting shoes dyed at the Sunset Hills David’s Bridal shop. (They will hear my wrath soon enough).

Since I didn’t run (at ALL) last week… and I’m one month out from the Halloween 10k… These blisters have me even more stressed out than normal.

Tonight I focused on doing some YogAmazing – for Healthy Knees. It felt good to be barefoot and stretch out the legs. I seriously need to log some miles on these feet of mine though.

On a positive note, I noticed this weekend that stairs are getting easier!! It’s the small victories!


PS – I hope ALL The weddings have a Prop Photo Booth!



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