the truth shall set you free

Yesterday I went for my first “longish” run since my knee surgery (meniscus repair) on May 1st. 

It was 4 miles. Outside.

The day was beautiful… fall is certainly in the air here in the Lou. 

Before this, the longest I had run was 3.7miles… on a treadmill. But since I have a 10k to run in just over a month! i figured i’d better get my booty outside. I told myself “Self, it does not matter how long this takes you. But you will finish”. I got pretty winded. And my knee tried to give out on me a few times. But 50 mins later I was back home (having covered just at 4miles). I was tired. I was sweaty. But I felt great!

Why Do I Run?

1. To prove to myself  – I. Can. Do. This.

2. For the endorphin rush

3. So that I can refuel afterwards with crisp, cold, organic chocolate milk (nom nom nom)

4. An excuse to buy all those cute Lululemon tops!

5. Because lifting weights intimidates me.


Now, I know, that last bullet shouldn’t be something I brag about. But it’s true. I’ve always been intimidated of pumping iron. I know, really, I do, I know that I won’t turn into some hulk-woman. But I still have that fear. When I think back… this stems from many many years ago. I got my growth spurt before many kids in my class. I was not only the tallest girl in my class, but I was the tallest kid in my class, for a very long time. I became self-conscious. Anything I could do in order to blend in was my number one priority in life. I feared that because I was tall, big-boned, and had hairy arms (seriously, they’re really hairy) that I’d bulk up and become this freak of nature. 

So while all my girlfriends were these tiny, skinny, short, cute little things. I envied them.

Today, I am no longer so worried about blending in. And I love wearing platform wedges and crazy heels. So Why is it… that I can not get over the fear of lifting weights?! This is something I must work on… 

So, forgive me while I post too often of my runs. And how much I am learning to love to run. 

And remind me occasionally, that some cross-trianing and/or moving some iron would do my body good.




My fears….




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