one step at a time

How many steps do you take in a day?


The company I work for does sporadic “contests” to encourage people to get healthy. i’m pretty sure it’s a plot to decrease health care cost… but i’m okay with that.

the latest one “On the Move” encourages people to set a goal for certain number of steps a day. they give you a pedometer. and you walk. or you run. or you can even swim! (though they discourage you from wearing your pedometer in the water… i guess it’s not very fashionable). Images 1

on the honor system you log your activity. for those participants who exceed their goal, they are placed in a drawing for all sorts of wonderful prizes (that i do not remember).

considering it’s the busiest time of the year for me at work. and my post-op knee recovery. i almost opted out this time. but then, i was guilted into it.

and what does a girl do when she’s feeling guilty…she makes everyone else join her! 

i convinced my co-workers that while we may not have the most steps…we’ll win in the long run. that being said… mandatory walk breaks for the office start next week! which will be good, considering i did a trial run today… and even WITH the puppy walk… i’ve got 6,000 steps today. 

that is just shy of the 10,000 step/day recommendation and even still short of the lowest level 1 (7,500 steps) in our little contest. 

Steps to miles<<<< that’s 5 miles!!! better get to movin’!


PS ~ today should have been physical therapy thursday. but there’s been a mix up with my prescription and the doc is now changing orders. saying non-weightbearing exercises only. so i guess we’ll just pretend that all those mini-squats, foam jumps, trampoline balances, and bicycle rides haven’t happened….. until after july 2?! << that’s when i see the ortho again and should be “cleared” for running (and now evidently everything else)


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